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The STN Company which specializes in providing our guests with appropriate variants of accommodation in Saint-Petersburg is pleased to offer you a wide range of dazzling, well-furnished and exquisitely designed apartments, where you are bound not only to find yourself in the lap of comfort and safety, but also to enjoy an opportunity of staying away from the strenuous pace of life. Whatever the purpose of your staying in St-Petersburg is, our company can guarantee you that in our apartment database there will be definitely the variant perfectly in compliance with your needs and demands. Located in the very city heart, within the easy walking distance of the major city sites, our apartments can be characterized not only by decent facilities and tranquil atmosphere but what is of the main importance by the variability of rental price. Available for short and long-term rent, our apartments are in great demand all the year round and especially during the period of White Nights, when the city mesmerizes everyone with its enigmatic beauty. Considering the opinion of our clients and summarizing the obtained experience, we were able to single out 10 best apartments which are in high esteem among our guests. As our apartment database consists of more than 200 variants, sometimes it is very difficult to make up your mind and that is why sometimes simple browsing through randomly chosen apartments may help you to decide without any delay on the spur of the moment. But if there is still any element of doubt, have a close look at these 5 good reasons for booking an apartment instead of a hotel room:

1. Save your money.

Due to lower running costs of apartments, they are up to 25 % cheaper than hotel rooms of equivalent standard, not to mention discounts, special and last minute offers, which make rental prices for self-catering apartments a certain bargain.

2. Enjoy the luxury of space and comfort

Each apartment, which is located in the very city centre, generously proportioned and well-furnished, perfectly combines the convenience of a luxury hotel with the space and comfort of a private home that standard hotel rooms are definitely lacking.

3. Payment per apartment

Opposite to pricing strategy adopted by many hotels, all our apartments are charged on a 'per apartment' basis ensuring a higher degree of privacy, independence and flexibility - you are free to invite as many guests as you wish whenever you like.

4. Individual approach

Whether on business or leisure, for a single night or several weeks, alone or with a family - we offer a unique collection of short-stay self-catering apartments, one of which will be perfectly in compliance with your request in terms of money, location and quality.

5. Convenient online booking

Take advantage of convenient online access to our services, 24-hour customer support and our easy and secure online booking system which considerably saves not only your time and effort but also guarantees you complete fulfillment of your expectations.

If the lure of Saint-Petersburg inspires you to come to our mesmerizing city, we will be pleased not only to find the appropriate accommodation variant in the very heart of Saint-Petersburg, but we can assure you that the experience you will gain in the cultural capital of Russia will haunt you for the rest of your life.

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