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Saint-Petersburg Photo Gallery

BridgesLike Amsterdam and Venice, Saint-Petersburg is built around a network of rivers and canal, thus bridges spanning the numerous waterways were not only the necessity for communication between 42 islands but enabled people to adorn the city with decorative sculptures and elaborate wrought-iron work.

Ships, boats and hydrofoils
Ships, boats and hydrofoilsSaint-Petersburg???s numerous waterways were adapted to resemble Peter the Great??ôs beloved Amsterdam, moreover the city was destined to become the cradle of Russian Navy. At present numerous water taxis, ferries, hydrofoils operate in the city and night when the bridges are raised Northern Venice turns into a busy commercial port.

Parades, marches and festivals
Parades, marches and festivalsSaint-Petersburg??ôs main festive season is during the acclaimed White Nights in June-concerts, ballets and other performances take place all over the city, at the same time there is a number of memorable dates that are celebrated by every Russian citizen as the Victory Day on the 9th of May when veterans festooned with medals march along Nevsky prospect.

Infinite embankments
Infinite embankmentsConstructed to protect the city from the disastrous floods that frequently threaten its citizens, the formidable boundless granite quays indubitably add to the beauty of the stately aristocratic palaces and have become an inseparable element of the city??ôs charisma, the place that is impeccable for strolling and contemplating.

Officials and military
Officials and militaryRussian people always respected the military, somehow it is connected with the somber historical background of the former USSA. At present although Russia seems to be a peaceful country and the number of military has considerably decreased, there is a strong belief the men wearing uniform are the bravest, strongest and most reliable.

Avenues and squares
Avenues and squaresConceived by a master plan of Peter the Great, Saint Petersburg is among the few European cities that display an outstanding network of airy squares and wide avenues, known as prospects. A stroll along Nevsky prospect toward the Admiralty will bring you to the heart of the bustling metropolitan life.

MoscowAlthough only 600 km separate Moscow from Saint-Petersburg, one will be stunned by the difference between these two metropolises??ďSaint-Petersburg crammed with gems of European architecture and Moscow dominated by numerous orthodox churches. Nowadays Moscow being the capital of the Russian Federation with the population exceeding 11 million people is the political, economic and financial center of Russia.

MetroThe history of Petersburg metro foundation dates back to 1893 when the engineer Peter Balinsky worked out the first project of the Petersburg underground railway, but the actual decision of constructing the metro network was made only in 1930. In the course of 11 years the pre-construction works were carried out, but due to the World War II the erection of the first metro stations was set up only in 1945.

CathedralsImpressive and enigmatic European and Russian style churches and cathedrals once set the tone for the spiritual life in the Russian capital. At present they are again among major tourist attractions of the city. A visit to a church may give you insight into the current revival of Russia??ôs religious life.

FountainsSaint-Petersburg is an undeniable city of fountains and although each of them is a miracle of engineering, boasts its own character, its own legends, and its own life that adds a page to the history of St-Petersburg, the city\'s undeniable claim to fame is the grandiose and impressive fountain ensemble in Peterhoff.

Lamps and lanterns
Lamps and lanternsEven if you lack romanticism at all, strolling along the avenues and crossing the tiny bridges above the numerous rivers and canals in the so-called ???golden triangle??? of Saint-Petersburg, you??ôll be enraptured by a stunning view of exquisite lamps, lampposts and lanterns that create an amazing aura of magic all around the city

Summer Imperial residences
Summer Imperial residencesThe lavish and opulent imperial residences were to rival the beauty of European counterparts. These grandiose ensembles with impressive landscaped gardens will introduce you to the luxurious life of leisure and entertainment that Russian monarchs indulged in in the cool of their magnificent summer residences.

Palaces and museums
Palaces and museumsThe city??ôs beauty can be appreciated given the marvelous palaces, manifesting every style of architecture from Baroque to Art Nouveau. Awesome facades, lavish interiors and rich historical background form the unique atmosphere of these buildings, most of which were turned into museums

MonumentsSaint-Petersburg is loaded with the wonderful monuments, each of them being deeply symbolic and having great historical significance. Built in different city destricts, all the monuments are inseparable from the emenint historic events and renowned people, giving an overview of the Russian history.

City at Night
City at NightStrolling along the embankments at night the onlooker will be charmed by the breathtaking architecture complemented by the peaceful smoothness of water and exquisite beauty of draw bridges that are particularly impressive within the period of White nights when the light evening dusk merges with morning and there is an overwhelming feeling of magic all around

Parks and gardens
Parks and gardensOases of calm and tranquility can be discovered in the leafy parks and gardens that are scattered all over the city. A stop at the majestic Summer Garden with itscenturies-old elms and oaks adorned with pavilions and marble statues will provide an invigorating break from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis

OrnamentsFor a traveller St-Petersburg offers much more than just an architectural splendor of its exquisite buildings. There is no use in focusing only on numerous museums, as the city itself is a unique treasure-house of amazing bas-reliefs, intricate coat-of-arms, astonishing pediments, gorgeous pilasters and overwhelming porticos.

MansionsThe fabulous wealth of imperial Saint-Petersburg is reflected in the magnificence and diversity of the mansions that one can marvel strolling along the rivers and canals of the Northern Venice. These mansions illustrate the extravagance of the Russian nobility and vast natural resources of the empire.

Means of transport
Means of transportApart from the speedy world-famous subway system with its pavilions that are considered to be the ???hidden palaces???, Saint-Petersburg boasts a fully integrated cheap and relatively efficient network of buses, trams, trolleybuses, taxis, route taxis (called ???marshrutka???), private cars covering almost every part of the city

Memorable Sights
Memorable SightsEvery spot in the Northern Venice is overwhelmed with the atmosphere of magnificence and mystic symbolism as the area??ôs historical associations practically peel off the walls of city??ôs various buildings and memorable sites, which are inseparable from their former occupants and visitors.

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