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Terms and Conditions

Guests are obliged to observe the provisions of these Rules. In the event that a guest is in breach of these rules, the Company has the right to repudiate the agreement on the provision of accommodation services before the agreed period has elapsed.

Cancellation policy

  1. All cancellations must be made in writing by email, post or fax.
  2. Depending on the type of reservation (a guaranteed or non-guaranteed booking) and on the rate plan (refundable or non-refundable) the cancellation policy may vary.
  3. In the case of force majeure resulting in the property being rendered unsuitable for occupation, or if for any reason the accommodation originally reserved is not available, the company reserves the right to substitute a property of similar/better standard and sleeping capacity.
  4. In case of cancellation made by the Company the deposit will be refunded.
Non-guaranteed reservation
  1. While making a non-guaranteed reservation, you neither make a prepayment nor supply us with your credit card details, therefore in case of cancellation or no-show no penalties should be paid.
  2. While making a non-guaranteed reservation, i.e. a reservation that has no credit card or other form of payment attached to it as backup, please , make sure to inform us about the exact time of your arrival to the hotel and reply to our phone calls/emails, otherwise your reservation may be cancelled.
Guaranteed reservation - refundable rate plan
  1. If you are booking our regular refundable rate, we allow you to alter the reservation, i.e. to change dates of your vacation and guests' names and to cancel the reservation without penalty (subject to payment method) up to 3 days prior to arrival (accept as otherwise privided)
  2. A guaranteed reservation typically means that the future guest's stay has a valid credit card attached to the reservation or other form of payment. If you guarantee the booking with credit card details, the sum of 1-day accommodation (+7 % banking fee) will be "frozen" or charged on the day of booking. If the reservation is cancelled up to 3 days before arrival, this amount will be "unfrozen" / returned and no fee will be charged. Later cancellation or no-show will result in the loss of this money. On the day of arrival the balance is due for payment in cash in Rubles.
  3. If you guarantee the booking by any other method accept for credit card details, i.e. make a money transfer or pay cash, and then cancel your reservation, the sum of 1-day accommodation will not be refunded, but you are welcome to change the reservation dates & postpone your trip.
Guaranteed reservation - non-refundable rate plan
  1. In most cases, nonrefundable hotel rates are far more restrictive than regular fares. These bookings may not be modified, i.e. you are not allowed to change dates of your vacation and guests' names and you can't cancel the reservation without penalty.
  2. A guaranteed non-refundable reservation must be paid for in its entirety at time of booking either by credit card or other form of payment.
  3. If you wish to guarantee the non-refundable booking with credit card details, please, make sure you have enough money on your bank account since full payment will be charged to your credit card immediately. The hotel has the right to reject the reservation in case if/when the Clients credit card funds are insufficient to cover the costs of the ordered services or the credit card vendor rejects the transaction operation.
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